Monday, May 25, 2015

Huka Falls

Well, that was a break I hadn't intended to take. I put finding a place to live over writing a post for my mom to read. Where are my priorities?


It's time to get the heck out of Auckland. Because Auckland is kind of boring.

Off to Waikato! Only 1.5 hours from Auckland and it's a town.

Okay, so maybe not so exciting. But, it's centrally located to three things high on our list of "stuff we want to see": Lake Tuapo, Waitomo Caves, and Hobbiton.

After depositing our belongings in the new Airbnb, we set out for Lake Tuapo, the largest lake in New Zealand, and also a massive crater leftover from a massive volcano eruption 27,000 years ago.

Which is cool and all, but since we didn't have a boat, we were more concerned with seeing Huka Falls.

Which lived up to the hype, even if we skipped the jet boat adventure option, and my pictures don't do it justice. Did I mention it was cold and wet? It was cold and wet. We didn't need to add jet boat induced hypothermia.

Freezing, we hustled back to the car so we could hunt down priority #1. Which, we all know is food.
The Crafty Trout Brewery to the rescue. The Crafty Trout is a brewery with a strong Alpine Lodge influence. If you can't handle listening to variations on the Chicken Dance, I'd recommend going elsewhere, but you'd be missing out. The steak and ale pies were perfect to warm up with. The pint didn't hurt either.

Delicious, but if I don't get to eat grilled food in warm weather and sunshine at some point in 2015, I will seriously begin to question my life choices.

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