Monday, July 13, 2015

Coromandel Penninsula

I'm trying hard to come up with the words to describe Coromandel Peninsula. To get there, you brave windy, sometimes unpaved, likely one-way roads through jungles that looks like they belong in Jurassic Park. You get stuck behind the semi truck that refuses to pull to the side so you can pass.  It rains on and off, sometimes torrentially while you turn on the turn signal instead of the wipers because everything is on the opposite side.

You plod along, trying to remember that you're still getting to see magnificent scenery, and if the drive in is this good, then the destination will be worth it. (Note: I have no pictures of the drive in because, well, I was driving.)

Luckily, your patience will be rewarded. Ideally, with retreating clouds.

Head towards Hot Water Beach and you'll start seeing signs for boat tours. You should follow those signs. They'll take you to a cul-de-sac and it'll seem all wrong. Make your way down to the beach, and if the weather is nice and they're not out on a tour/lunch/nap break, you'll find an EZ Up and an inflatable boat. Reserve your spot for the tour that takes you to the blowhole, (2 pm for us), then go find yourselves lunch.

There are some cafes within a kilometer of the beach, but if you're after a beer with your lunch (you're on vacation after all), go back the way you came and go to Hot Water Brewing Co.

It's hard to go wrong with the mussels, but the burgers also looked fantastic if they're more your speed. 

Once you've had your fill, head back towards the beach where you'll don the finest of life jackets and board your inflated vessel. 


Even on a windy, stormy day, the water was calm. 


If you timed your tour right, you'll get to go in the blowhole...which is the only way to see it. 

If you're really lucky, when you exit the blowhole (or one of the many other caves) you'll be find a pot of gold.

It's not quite time to make your way back to land yet. There's still a few more things to see. 

 Like Cathedral Cove.

But more on that later. 

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